It is fully immersive, which tricks your senses into thinking you’re in a different environment or world apart from the real world. Using a head-mounted display (HMD) or headset, you’ll experience a computer-generated world of imagination and sounds. In the virtual environment you can manipulate objects and move around using haptic controllers while tethered to a console or PC.

Applications of virtual reality

  • Education & Medicine
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Industrial Design and Architecture
  • Games and Entertainment

Augmented Reality

AR overlays digital elements, graphics and information on real world. Augmented reality keeps the real world central but enhances it with other computer-generated objects, layering new strata of perception, and supplementing your reality or environment.

Applications of augmented reality

  • Education & Medicine
  • Military & Defense
  • Navigation & Sightseeing
  • Games and Sports


We develop customized robots suiting to any client’s requirement. We are well expertise in the field of mobile robotics and industrial robotics. We also offer social interactive robots for personal and public interaction uses. Our Mobile robotics expertise spreads as below

  • Modern robots – These robots bring into play in an industrialized assembling climate.
  • Local or family robots – Robots which are utilized at home.
  • Therapeutic robots – Robots utilized in solution and restorative foundations.
  • Administration robots – Robots that can't be classed into some other kinds by training.
  • Military robots – Robots brought into play in military and military.
  • Amusement robots – These kinds of robots are utilized for diversion.
  • Space robots – I might want to particular out robots utilized in space as a split separated compose.
  • Educational robots – Robots that is made by understudies.